The Best 5 Places to Implement Video Testimonials on Your B2B Website

Video testimonials featuring your satisfied customers can be one of the most effective forms of social proof marketing. But securing your testimonials, filming them, and editing them to perfection is only part of the process. 

You need to be able to place your videos before the eyes of your prospects. One of the best places to do that would be your website. It is the online home of your business, and everything associated with your company should ultimately link back to it. 

There are five key places that we’ve identified on a common business website where testimonials can get the most amount of views and contribute toward successful conversions. 

Here they are, in no particular order

1. Customers Page

Your customers page is the social proof hub of your website, making it the ideal and most obvious place to prominently feature all of your customer video testimonials. 

A customers page is a section of your website specifically dedicated to customer testimonials, case studies, and success reports. It is that one special piece of your site where your corporate messaging stops and you allow the people who have benefited most from your services to do the selling for you in the form of testimonials. 

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This is a page that people will seek out when they visit your website. Millennial consumers place great value on peer reviews and customer testimonials. As millennials have officially become the single largest demographic in the consumer world, it stands to reason that businesses have started to place far more importance on customers pages, reviews, and testimonials.  

Studies show that having 50 reviews or testimonials for a product can increase conversion rates by 4.6%. On top of that, consumers who interact with a review are 58% more likely to convert. These customers also typically spend 3% more per order.  

People want to read reviews, but more so they want to hear and see them. That’s why your customers page is such a valued destination in the customer journey. 

You should list every single testimonial video that you have have on this page. If you’ve put a lot of work into building a backlog of testimonials, this could create an issue on the page. You want your prospects to be able to easily find the most effective and relevant videos that will push them toward conversion. 

As such, the customers page should be laid out in an organized manner. One of the best ways to do this is to keep the page segmented by industry. This kind of layout is far more convenient for the prospect and will easily allow them to determine which testifying customers have the most in common with them and their plight. 

The other key to featuring your customer testimonials on a customers page is to prominently place your calls to action near them. This increases the possibility of your prospect converting right then and there. You will want to strike while the iron is hot and your prospect is feeling an emotional connection to the testifying customer and your business. 

You can also use the presence of a customers page as a means to gather testimonials from some of your more satisfied buyers. If you tell them that you’re including a page on your website where you will be highlighting the companies that you serve, they will likely see it as an opportunity for free advertising. Make sure that you’re featuring the logos of these companies along with their testimonial video to ensure that they’re getting maximum exposure while also making the browsing process easier. 

2. Home Page

It makes sense to place some customer testimonials on the home page of your site. After all, this is a highly trafficked page and the most common entry point for casual browsers. 

The key to getting the most out of a video testimonial on your homepage is to make sure that is right up front so that it can catch the eye of your site’s visitors. 

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Ideally, at least one of the testimonial videos that you’re featuring on your site should be “above the fold.” That’s an old newspaper term referring to the stories and pictures on the front page of the paper that are visible to someone walking by and seeing it folded on a news stand.  

In website terms, above the fold means that you want it to be visible when the user navigates to the page without having to scroll down. Remember, your prospects might not scroll when they visit the page, and if they’re not impressed with what they see, they will abandon the page without ever actually looking around. 

Since a homepage is statistically the area of your site which receives the most hits, it makes perfect sense to put one of your best testimonials right up front and center so that casual visitors will have access to it. 

You’re going to want to make them eye-catching with a decent static image. The prospect needs to see the video, understand what it is, and have a desire to click on it. 

If you’re a company that serves multiple industries, you don’t want your homepage testimonials to be super specific. If you specialize in services that appeal to the automotive and contracting industries and your chosen homepage testimonial video is hyper focused on the automotive clientbase, you will lose a large percentage of contractors who are coming to the site. Make sure that these videos are more general in nature and speak to the effectiveness of your team and overall usability of your product or service. 

You should also make sure that you’re adding a link near the videos that you’re featuring on the website that connects to your customers page. This lets the prospect know that the page exists and that they can find more testimonials on it. 

3. Product or Service Page

Every product or service page should have customer testimonial videos attached to it. In fact, this is one of the areas where testimonial videos should be featured most heavily. 

The videos that you choose should detail the direct impact of the product or service that the page is addressing. Make sure that these videos include specific information about the product and how it helped the customer improve upon their company. 

When a prospect is perusing your product pages, they’re looking for all of the information they can find on that product. The company line can only take you so far in this regard. Modern consumers don’t trust corporate messaging as much as they once did, and every bit of copy on your website will be under scrutiny. 

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Having some social proof on your product pages goes a long way toward establishing a sense of trust in your brand. That’s because testimonials and reviews are trusted by 88% of consumers

Including these videos that showcase how your product has impacted the companies of their peers can help prospects make an informed purchase decision that they feel good about. 

When including these testimonial videos, make sure that you integrate them seamlessly into the page design so that it does not distract from the product’s description. 

As all of your products are different, there should be different videos included for each product. It’s also a good idea to showcase at least two or three product videos on these pages to ensure your prospect that the product has a good track record. 

These videos can be randomly generated or featured on a slider so that they don’t take up too much real estate on the page. 

4. About Us Page

When trying to decide whether or not to do business with you, most prospects will check out your About Us page. 

This is the page that tells the story of your company. It details who you are, how long you’ve been in business, and what makes you an expert or authority in your field. 

This is a page that should inspire confidence and trust in your prospects. One of the ways to do that is to feature stories from long term customers in the form of video testimonials. 

Much like the homepage content we discussed previously, these videos should be more generalized and feature customers that have been with you for many years. 

The overall purpose of these testimonial videos is to instill in the minds of your prospects that your company is here to stay and has made a difference over a long period of time in the lives of your customers. 

These testifying customers should talk about how the company has grown since they first signed on and the overall effectiveness of the brand that they’ve seen in that time. 

While customer testimonials should not be the main focal point of a customers page, having a few in place does make for a great added boost. 

There’s a fine line between confidence and arrogance, and it is very easy to come off as arrogant when putting together an About Us page. When you allow your story to be accentuated by customer stories, you’re no longer just patting yourself on the back. You’re letting some of your most loyal customers tell the story for you. 

Not only does this show your story in a fun and interactive way, it proves your overall effectiveness in the industry over time. That goes a long way toward establishing brand trust. 

5. Near Calls to Action

Don’t forget that the ultimate goal of any customer testimonial video is to urge the prospect toward conversion by establishing trust and highlighting the benefits of your service. As such, testimonial videos should often be placed throughout your site in direct proximity to calls to action. 

Every page on your site should have some kind of call to action. That is a button which starts prospects down the road toward making a purchase. Testimonial videos instill your prospect with a sense of confidence, and that is the perfect time to urge them down the path toward action. 

All of your calls to action should be accompanied by a testimonial video that is relevant to the page. It is one of the best ways to show prospects why they should be clicking on the call to action and converting. 

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Oftentimes, any buttons on a website that urge you to take action can be met with skepticism from the prospect. Afterall, actually setting down money and making a purchase can be a massive undertaking, particularly for B2B customers. 

Putting positive feedback videos and written reviews in the direct vicinity of your calls to action can provide you with an opportunity to give users more information aside from the usual company line. 

Since prospects do not always trust company crafted information, a testimonial could be just what they need in order to push them over the line to where they are ready to set down some money and get started. 

When it comes to calls to action, the copy associated with them can be important. That is why you should customize your call to action copy to the testimonial that is featured near it.

Let’s say you have a customer testimonial video from someone who who saw a 200% increase in profits utilizing your product. Obviously that is a huge number and a glowing reason as to why your prospect should convert. You can let them know that in the call to action button featured beneath that video by saying something like “Click Here to Increase Your Profits By Up to 200%.”

In Conclusion

Including customer testimonial videos on your website is a perfect way to provide social proof to prospects who need a little extra motivation to buy. 

B2B customers are notoriously picky when it comes to the companies they do business with. They want to know that other businesses like theirs have had success with you, and the best way to ensure them of that is with a number of well-placed testimonial videos throughout your site.

Sam Shepler

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