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We make high-quality remote video testimonials effortless.

Frictionless: No equipment shipped or app downloads required.
Full Service: 100% done-for-you filming and editing process.
Fast: Only 30 minutes is required from your customer.

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See how B2B companies are using Testimonial Hero to build trust with new prospects faster, engage decision-makers, and accelerate customer acquisition.

The Testimonial Hero Remote testimonial process was effortless.

I didn’t have to ship any gear or equipment, it was low-lift for my customer, and I got a great result. I would absolutely recommend it. It’s miles ahead of any other experience out there in terms of remote testimonials.

My favorite part of Testimonial Hero’s remote solution was that it was so incredibly easy for our client.

It was really important that we had a solution where we didn’t have to ship any equipment or have the customer set up any software or install anything on their computer. The experience was so easy for our client. She was raving about how she now wants to do one for her customers.

Buyers want to hear from their peers—especially at key junctures in the sales process.

We’re leveraging Testimonial Hero Remote right on the “get started” page of our site and seeing a significant increase in click-through and conversions. We also use their on-site offering, but it’s great to have the remote offering in today’s world.

A Proven Process for Remote Video Testimonials

📝 Concept & Strategy

Great questions get great answers. First we understand the ideal message and story of your customer video and write the perfect interview questions.

🤳 Video Capture

Next, we coach your customer through our easy 100% remote capture process and run the interview. No equipment to ship, no new software, and no hassles.

💻 Editing & Publishing

20 days after filming, we’ve turned 20 minutes of raw video content into the perfect 90 second edit to help you build trust with buyers faster and accelerate sales.

Remote Video Testimonial Case Study - Explainify

My favorite thing about Testimonial Hero’s remote solution was that it was so incredibly easy for our client. It’s so important we give our customers a frictionless experience while providing testimonials—so doing it remote was an incredible option for us.

Remote Video Testimonial Case Study - Content Allies

It was really easy for the customer. She didn’t have to download any new software, and she didn’t have to get any new equipment. Testimonial Hero is amazing. It’s a way to do these high-quality video testimonials in a completely remote world and environment.

What Testimonial Hero Customers Have To Say

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Does my customer need any special equipment?

No. As long as your customer has a relatively recent smartphone or tablet—that is all we need to produce their remote video testimonial.

All filming is captured with our proprietary process using their existing personal device. This allows filming to be an easy process for them—with no need to operate or set up special equipment.

What’s the “ask” of my customer?

30 minutes all-in. We’ll schedule a 30 minute block of time with your customer. That will include:

  • Coaching them on framing and lighting. (5 minutes)
  • Doing a pre-flight check to confirm audio. (5 minutes)
  • Conducting and filming the actual interview. (20 minutes).

How long is the  process, start-to-finish?

Preparing your interview questions takes 1-2 days.

Interviewing the customer takes 30 minutes.

30 days after filming, your video testimonial will be complete.

How much does Testimonial Hero Remote cost?

You can view our pricing page and enter your email to view our price sheet.

Who is Testimonial Hero Remote for?

Any B2B marketer who needs to create video testimonials through a remote filming process—yet still needs said testimonials to be of the highest possible quality.



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