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Customer Testimonial - Symmons

The testimonials that Testimonial Hero produces are by far our highest quality pieces of content.

That authentic video is something that really resonates with a customer—and as a result, we end up getting more conversions, whether that be a phone call, an email, or a form completion.

I would absolutely recommend Testimonial Hero to honestly, to any company that is looking to get their message out in a very real way.

Jake Matulewicz, Director of Marketing | Symmons 

Customer Testimonial - InsightSquared

One of the biggest pieces of value I see with Testimonial Hero is honestly how easy it is.

The experience of working with Testimonial Hero has been seamless. I can use them as a trusted partner and know that they’re going to deliver a polished video.

Highly recommend them. They save me a ton of time, and they always make me look good.”

Katie LoFaso, Content Strategy Manager | InsightSquared

Customer Testimonial - GreatHorn

Testimonial Hero provides a service that is so far and above other alternatives in this space.

For people who are looking to showcase their customers in a scalable way, this is one of the best ways.

It makes the sales process so much easier. It really reduces friction in the sales process—and the more that we can do that, the easier our job gets as sales and marketing professionals.

Lorita Ba, VP of Marketing | GreatHorn

Customer Testimonial - UiPath

Video is an extremely powerful medium, and I think it’s probably the best one for testimonials.

What makes Testimonial Hero unique is that they have the methodology to produce world-class testimonial videos at scale, across the globe.

They have a way of shooting these videos that I believe is the best in the business.

Ty Magnin, Director of Global Content Marketing | UiPath

Customer Testimonial - NinjaRMM

The testimonial videos have absolutely helped us grow both our brand and our revenue.

We use them at all stages in our funnel. It allows Ninja to get its name out there, and it allows prospects to hear from real Ninja customers.

The process is very easy to follow and they are with you at every step of the way—it’s just incredibly easy.

I would recommend Testimonial Hero to any marketing team that is looking to raise the bar of their video content.

Rachel Spatz, VP of Marketing | NinjaRMM

Customer Testimonial - Celect

Whitepapers, datasheets, ebooks, those are great, but the real power is having your customer speak for you

The value of Testimonial Hero to us is that we’re able to do these videos with our customers, no matter where they’re located – which is fantastic.

Testimonial Hero has everything you need in one package.”

Todd Harris, Director of Marketing | Celect

Reach out to Testimonial Hero today with your testimonial video vision to get an all-inclusive, zero travel fees quote.

Customer Testimonial - Threat Stack

I think the value of customer testimonial videos is that you’re hearing from a third party—our sales folks really rely on the customer testimonials to help validate and help close the deal.

Working with Testimonial Hero is so easy. They are a one-stop-shop and I really see value in their expertise that they bring to the table.

It has helped accelerate deals. It has accelerated the selling process. It gives that third party validation without us having to say it.

Robin Stone, Head of Global Customer Marketing | Threat Stack


Customer Testimonial - Axonius

Aside from a website, I think video testimonials are probably the best investment you can make.

Testimonial Hero is a company that can just do this the right way without having to reinvent every single time. If you’re going to get your customer to do you a favor and be on video, you want to do it right. You don’t want to do it fast or cheap.

I was blown away – I got exactly what I wanted.”

Nathan Burke, CMO | Axonius 

Customer Testimonial - Eccovia Solutions

When you have a customer on video talking about how your product helps them, it really lends credibility that you do not get in a written case study.

As the Director of Marketing, I have all these projects going on, all the time. I’m able to work with Testimonial Hero, and they just make it happen.

They help from start to finish. They will work with you and put that process in place, and it will turn out quality. I absolutely recommend working with them.

Laurel Rodriguez, Director of Marketing | Eccovia Solutions

Customer Testimonial - Ordway

We see a direct tie between the video work that Testimonial Hero has done and our closed deals.

They understand how to coax compelling stories out of people, and take those interviews and turn them into short, high impact videos.

It’s really the added value of the critical thinking that goes into producing the videos that separates Testimonial Hero from other folks I’ve worked with in my past.”

Eren Koont, Head of Marketing | Ordway

Customer Testimonial - Botkeeper

If you’re looking at Testimonial Hero, my recommendation would be look no further.

This is a company that’s going to be extremely professional. They’re going to handle your clients with the utmost respect – and it requires little to no time on your end.

You get a great result without spending much of your time, that your clients walk away happy from. It doesn’t get better.”

Enrico Palmerino, CEO | Botkeeper

Customer Testimonial - BitDam

Being based in Israel, we’re normally far away from our customers, so it’s even more important to have a team we trust.

The Testimonial Hero process was super quick, super efficient. Right now, this is our most important asset, marketing-wise, in the company.

What most impressed me was the preparation. They knew what to ask for and what to look for. It was very quick, very smooth, and I’ve never had anything like that in the past.

Rotem Shemesh, Director of Marketing | BitDam